The viewer walks through  a wood where the trees are "cutouts" from the eighteenth century illustrations of Diderot et DiAlembert's Encyclopédie.
The Encyclopèdie represents the masterpiece of Enlightenment, based on the positive ideas of progress and reason. Our work transforms its illustration it into a dark wood, which is a symbol of fears, a place where you might face the unknown and the loss of  your sense of direction.
We have created a three-dimensional space from the bi-dimensional images of the Encyclopèdie  through the use 3D animation. We are interested in the contrast between the use of a new technology and the style of 17th century engraving.
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Pitfall, 2004/2013
(a collaboration with Marzia Migliora)
video projection in purpose built wooden structure
3D animation, 3'20'' loop, black and white, silent
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